History Starts Here

BACKYARD HISTORY is the video production company that combines the excitement of TRAVEL, the wonder of HISTORY, and the modern marvel of DIGITAL VIDEO.

We believe in the power of the ROADTRIP. We also believe that the magic of a journey does not lie in its destination, but rather in the “in between.” Ever wonder about those towns you pass by on your way from Point A to Point B? Ever wonder if you’re missing anything? We did, and that led us to establish BACKYARD HISTORY.

With the help of City Chambers of Commerce and Visitors Bureaus, we produce short videos about the HISTORICAL POINTS OF INTEREST in those towns we all tend to “pass up.” The videos are then posted to the Internet for all travelers to access.

There’s tons of HISTORY just waiting to be discovered in YOUR backyard. Pack up those bags, and go find it! What are you waiting for?